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Hansi’s Last Hallucination

OK…this isn’t about this being my last Hallucination, but it’s about my last hallucination, which was prior too, and  unlike the present one that I’m enjoying now.  With illustrations to match

My latest hallucination is that we live in a total drug culture!  We are encouraged to use drugs, rely on drugs and seek our salvation (well-being) through drugs.  I shit you not;   it permeates our whole society.  Especially while we sit watching TV.  We are being continually  bombarded by  commercials pushing various drugs . [I really prefer calling drugs “shit” because that was the slang word on the streets for drugs: “got any shit?”].  The latest drug commercial I saw was for some thing that literally brought tears to my eyes.  No shit (not referring to drugs).  This shit (drug) was a cure for dry-eye syndrome, and if taken would stimulate tear ducts to restore the natural moisture around the eye.  I’m used to seeing the usual ads for Cialas and Viagra a few times during the Evening News.  Aren’t  we suppose  be  “Just saying No to Drugs”?  “Hell no.  We wanted get layed and will take anything to become so.”  For every ailment (no matter how small)  there’s an ad pushing some shit that will cure it, and make it bigger better.  The ad for some “Purple Pill”  was so persuasive for me that I wanted to run out and get some, not even knowing what it was for.  The folks in the ad were sure feeling good; so it had to be good for me too.

Cool, there’s a pill for any ill.  But a lot of these drugs have some serious side effects.  In fact, if you’re paying attention, you’ll have noticed that any drug ad is half euphoria and half disclaimer with long list of side effects and conditions in which you should not use the product.  My mother-in-law was prescribed something for an irritable bowel.  When we came up to see her, she was nauseous and looked like hell.  We wondered what was the cause; did she eat something bad.  The wife examined her medications, and found that one of the side-effects for older persons taking this drug was nausea.  She stopped taking her medicine, and I’ll be dipped in shit (poop) if she didn’t start getting better.

How’s that for a hallucination.  And here’s a true one.  Heroin, which everyone knows is an opium synthetic, was originally produce by the Bayer Company [as in aspirin] in the late 1800’s as a miracle cure for “female problems”.  Packaged as Heroine (like in the female hero), a lot of ladies back then no  long suffered from menstrual pains, but were righteously strung-out on their lifesaving “heroine”.  It’s true!

Here’s were I start losing my grip on reality.  I thought drugs were supposed to make you better, not worse.  When half of a advertisement is a disclaimer and warning about certain side effects and medical conditions under which you should not use this shit, why would (or could – the disclaimer pretty much rule out everybody) take some of this shit is beyond me.  Unless of course you enjoy medical emergencies, trips to the Emergency Room, and previously un-expirienced maladies and bodily sensations. Hmmmm… Could be some good shit.

Oh but there are good drugs and then there are your “bad” drugs.  Maybe that’s true, and during my 30 years as a probation officer, I saw a lot of folks who had some real bad ‘drug problems’.  Heroin addicts, who robbed liquor stores when they got a touch desperate. Yuppie cocaine users who let things get a little out of hand, going straight down the tubes,   And more recently Methamphetamine [meth] users  who just went right down the shitter (not drug repository) behind that stuff.  The real bummer is, unlike the pharmaceutical ‘industry’ [think smoke stalked factories with hard-hat pill assembly line workers  inside] who have some degree of quality control, but no control over their side-effects, you never really know what you’re getting when buy street drugs, but ya sure know the desired effects.

So where are we going with all this nonsense?  How can we have a “War On drugs” when we’re constantly being encouraged to surrender to drugs?  How can we “Just Say No”, when the pharmaceutical companies are encouraging us to say:  “Hell yes, I want some of that shit”  ?  For me, everything you put in your body has an effect on you.  Be it food, substances or drugs.   The mixed message, the double speak, the true hallucination is:  Drugs are good for you and you should definitely buy them, but only those certain ones that we control, not the bad ones.  Wow, I think this hallucination is turning paranoid on me.

Well, that was my last hallucination; and a good one too!  I’m just glad it only happened in my head and not in the real world.  Luckily we have the Food and Drug Administration to keep us safe.  I just wish they were administering more food to the hungry,  and less drugs to the rest of us.

Oh yeah.  Since I’ve mentioned Viagra and Cealis, and will add them as Tags to this post  in order to fool people into reading this shit,  I’ve included one of my favorite drawings.  So those people who are innocently Google-ing Viagra or See-Alice won’t be disappointed.

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