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A Love Meaning For Hansi

OK, my son Bad Deacon was home for the weekend, and we begot to talkin’ about blogging. FYI: he was the guy that set me up in the blog0sphere with my Word Press site, which you are reading right now. Don’t thank me. Thank my Bad Son. Anyway, he suggested writing down titles, for use as future blog fodder.

When going over my stats, and checking out where some of my traffic was coming from via Google searches, this one popped out at me: “I want a love meaning for Hansi”. I’m not shitting you!  it’s True…. So I Googled that phrase, and got First Page placement right after some stuff about love songs and before Hansi Ministries (of which I have no affiliation whatsoever). Check it out; but don’t click on Hansi Ministies, unless you want to get saved. Anyway, you probably have no interest whatsoever in getting saved if you’re reading my crap. What could I say but, “Thank you Jesus.” And thank you Son.

A love meaning for Hansi?? OK, Big deal. So one poor sap Googles some dumb shit, and I show up on the search [it works for me].. But this idiot went to my site, and oh my gawd, I hope he or she was surprised. I’ve got the Hansi niche down pat.; and according to my blogging buddy Bill Murney, a niche is what you want to carve out for yourself. Therefore, I will not hesitate to take advantage of this fool and shamelessly make light of his quest, by broadening my Hansi niche with this little number.

I wrote this song a long time ago when I was in a garage band with a bunch of my 40 year old peers. It’s called:  “The Doctor of Love”.

No other woman, no other man

Is as great a lover, as I am

I could make ya happy, I could make you sad

I could be the best thing, you ever had.

I’m not asking you to commit a sin.

Just try a little dose of my medicine.

Cause I’m the Doctor of Love, and I’ll cure all your ills

I got a great big bag of good luvin’ pills.

I’ve been to love college, got my PHD.

So if ya need some luvin’, I’m the man to see.

If you got the fever, or feelin’ blue

There’s gonna be something , I can do.

Just give me a ring,  or come on in

I’ll give ya a dose of my medicine.

All ya gotta do is take my advice,

If it don’t work at first, you gotta try it twice.

Well I hope that poor romantic fool found his love meaning for Hansi. If not, I got one ready made for him. And if they take my advice, they’ll try it more than twice.

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