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Crayola Friday

Well it’s Saturday; the weekend.  And you know that that means.  Yep it’s time for Crayola Friday. OK, just to refresh your memory.  Crayola Friday isn’t something that just happens on Fridays.  It’s an event.  You know, kinda like quality time with the wife; who knows which day of the month that may fall upon? Unless of course it’s your Birthday.  Then you have a pretty good indication of when some QT may fall your way.  But don’t assume that  means two sessions will be bestowed upon ya in one month!  Nope, even if you’ve been a ‘good boy’, once a month will have to hold ya;  whether you need it or not.

Sorry…I got side-tracked.  As you can see, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.  But with the help of my three year old grandson, I was able to crank out these gems.  Maybe I over did it a bit when Photoshopping  the one below.  Maybe it’s a reflection of my dark-side.

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