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Hot Dog Man

Hot Dog Man 001

I love having this Hansi blog.  And what I love about it the most, besides the fact that it’s all about me, is that it allows me to have an alter ego, wherein I can explore all things forbidden, in bad taste, of questionable socially redeeming value, and in a manner loaded with sexual innuendo in the spirit of adolescent bathroom humor.  [Some things never get old].  It’s kinda like being a little boy again when everybody called me Hansi.  The thing of it is, as I get older, the line between “Hansi” and the real deal is fading rapidly, and I’m Hansi more times than not.

Hot Dog Man 002

Well, one night I was sitting around, pretty much like in the picture on top, and it came to me that I needed a new alter ego.  Being in an altered state of mind, that sure  came easy.  Hence, Hot Dog Man was born.  [Actually he was conceived that evening, but it’s the same thing if ya believe that life starts at conception, and to kill a fetus is first degree murder; until that is, you come out of the womb, where-after you’re on your own and it’s open season on your ass.]  There’s an old saying that “a man ain’t nothing but a dog on two legs”.  A real truism if ya ever lived with one or seen em run in packs.  While my Hot Dog Man is not a true canine, he sure thinks like one at times.  And while not quite a super hero, old H D (that’s short for Hot Dog Man) does have the power to amuse, disgust and generally make ya think twice.

These quickie drawings, done with a #2 pencil, are a new style for me.  Although a lot of my stuff appears cartoonie, I’m really not into cartooning.  But drawing stick figures in interesting posses has always been a source of fascination, and allows me a freedom which my more finished work lacks.  I guess if you had to give it a name, you could call my new works…what else: Doggie Style.

Hot Dog Man 005


I love cartoons, the hand drawn type, and have a lot of awe and respect for those who can do cartoons well.  I’m even following a lot of people who are posting their cartoons.   You know who you are, and I can dig it!

I don’t consider myself a cartoonist as such, although most of my work is very “Cartoonie” in nature.  Maybe because  Mad magazine had a big impact on me as a youth in the late 50’s.  Mad illustrators:  Wallace Wood, Bill Elder, Jack Davis and more where my artistic idols, and blew my young mind with their illustrations.

I also like ‘comic-book’ art.  The highly stylized action comics and illustrated novel types.  Wish I could draw that way, but it’s not me.

The other art-form that blew me away, was the psychedelic art of the 60’s, such as a lot of the work on concert posters.  Trippy stuff.  An art nouveau redux if you will (also way cool art-wise, as are Pre-Raphaelites).  So why the Afro-centric feel to the last two.  Maybe it’s the Treyvon Martin shooting, I d0n’t know.  Pretty psychedelic don’t cha think 🙂

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