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Looking For Direction

5-6-41 001

Ya ever get lost and need a little help?  Like being out on a drive, taking a wrong turn, and finding yourself out in the middle of nowhere completely lost?  Well when that happens to me, I #1: get real angry at myself for not paying the extra bucks for GPS in my car, and #2: start asking for directions.

That’s what happened to me with this blog.  I got lost.  Not in the usual way when you’re so baked ya ask yourself, “where the fuck am I”.  But more so lacking a clear direction of where I wanted to go with my drawing.  This was compounded by my thirty three year old son Sean publishing an eight page comic book entitled Moonside.

Wow, was old Dad blown away.  But not so much as to forgo shamelessly promoting his effort here and his blog:  Sean Neprud.com,  which chronicles the process and technical issues he had to deal with to pull it off.  He was looking for direction in his artwork and decided to follow his passion: comics.

And then one night, I had this vision, and it all came to me.  I’m gonna do some rough pencil drawings centered around the theme of hot dogs.  In fact, I created a new character called Hot Dog Man, who will be featured in my next post.   He’s not comic book ready, nor am I, but the below drawing is what inspired me.  That and a bad case of the munchies.

5-6-41 002


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