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Lying Sack Of Shit

I love that term.  It’s an oldie and has a kinda retro feel to it.  But it also has a strong meaning to it, inferring that the one lying is doing so intentionally and with contempt; the object being to deceive, but in a manner obvious to all.  This is not to be confused with the other lying sack of shit.  A shit sack that’s been laid down somewhere, probably because whoever did so was a Lazy Sack Of Shit.

Now in Probationland we were especially fond of describing people as cloth containers filled with refuse.  Dirt-bag was a favorite, along with Scumbag.  I think Dirt-bag was more like a generic term for clients, and scumbag a more specific description.  Scumbag was the worst, because, well dirt is dirt, but Scum…yuk!  that’s like yukkie on top of yuk.

Back to Lying Sacks of Shit.  There a beneficial sacks of shit, suck as the two cubic foot bag of steer manure I bought to spread on my garden.  My tomatoes, green beans and carrots really eat that stuff up.  But the Evil Lying Sacks of Shit try to mimic manure, by spreading their lies and hoping that all of us will eat it up, and without question.  Now that’s bad.

I think it’s in politics where most of the Shit Sacks are lying around.  One of my favorites is Newt Gingrich.  Old Newt has told some whoppers in his day, and he’s back!  Sadly, he’s not now spreading lies, but the truth, and eating shit as a result.  Old Newt rightfully said Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program was an extreme right-wing attempt at social engineering.  Right on Newt.  Sorry it didn’t fly too well with the Extreme Right.  There’s always 2016.

Arnold, my former governor, could be accused of being a LSOS for living a lie for ten years, what with fornicating the help and then having an child with her.  But I can’t really blame Arnold the Sperminator totally.  Everybody knew who/what Arnold was before we elected him in a re-call election.  It’s the people of California who are dumb sacks of shit for thinking he’s changed or could even govern.  Movies are usually pretend.

US Representative Anthony Weiner.  Caught putting questionable stuff on Face Book.  With a name like Weiner, you never post a picture of your wiener for everyone to see, and then claim someone hacked into your account.  My god!  didn’t he learn anything from a childhood of being mercilessly teased about his last name?  I like his politics.  He’s still a Lying Sack of Shit; and a dumb one at that!

I could go on and on about who I feel worth of the distinction:  Lying Sack Of Shit.  But my intent is not to create a “Bandini Mountain” on this blog, but let you have a rip at it.  Anyone you feel worthy?

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