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Slumps Bumps and Andy Gumps

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m subject to creative slumps. Not like Donald Trump when he’s on the stump (what a chump), foregoing a hump, sitting on his rump, taking a dump in his own Andy Gump. But periods of when nothing seems to be working, and there’s no motivation to get them to work. I recently suffered through one with my drawing. My art-work, such as it is, came to a screaming halt, and that was fine with me. Well not really. Its discouraging to not have your Artistic Mojo workin’ for. [My other mojo is working just fine thank you]. I really enjoy drawing and it never ceases to blow my mind what I’ve come up with after a good session with the pencils. But even that joy, didn’t interest me that much. So I was in a Slump! [We’ll get to Bumps and Andy Gumps later, so unload that lump, right down the sump, without a pump and watch it jump].

What’s a trip about being in a slump, is being aware that you are in a slump, and being able to observe it in a non-judgmental, somewhat removed manner. I was able to do this, and although it may have been uncomfortable, it was revealing. I was basically drawing the same ol’ stuff, and getting bored with the results. I’d sit down, start with the same ol’ lines, draw the forms that came easy, and say to myself. “this is shit”. That’s where the Andy Gump starts coming in.

What I needed was a Bump! Something to jolt me out of this rut I was finding myself in, and get me going again. I knew I needed that; saw my actions for what they were: basic laziness and lack of focus, and did something about it.

I went to the public library, where everything is free too borrow (later with this Kindle crap), and got a book on How to Create a Graphic Novel.  Not so much as something I want to pursue, but more so for the artwork therein. I love comic book art, and some of my biggest influences were the artists that drew for Mad Magazine in the 50’s: Wallace Wood, Bill Elder and Jack Davis. I really don’t want to draw like an illustrator, but still admire their work and the poses they place their figures in.

So I started drawing from some of the stuff I saw. Not copying so much as like drawing what I saw [that didn’t make sense]. It was hard at first, only because it required me to concentrate, set aside time, and not being so invested in the out-come. You know what? The juices started flowing again (getting closer to Andy Gump), and I’ was no longer is a Slump. I needed that Bump!

I’m sharing this not only for its cathartic value but fore, four, for the Bloggers that read my stuff.  The folks I follow are creative people. Some ‘creative writers’, which I am definitely not! But folks creatively coming up with new work all the time. So if I’m subject to creative slumps, why they must be too.  Although unpleasant and frustrating, I think creative slumps are of value. A time to re-group. To do some internal reorganization. A time of preparation before ya take it to the next level. Maybe you’ve experience something similar. If so, I hope this is helpful.

Well this wouldn’t be a true Hansi hallucination if some good old, ever popular, only surpassed in funniness by farts, bathroom humor wasn’t thrown in. Andy Gump is the name of a port-a-potty company, you know, a Lu on wheels. Poor Andy had a shit house named after him, but at least he’s famous. When I was at an outdoor concert in a fairly effluent affluent area, they didn’t just have some stinky-ass, plastic potties there. No Sir!  They had a series of eight individual rooms on a flat-bed which where carpeted, well lit, clean, with running water, soap and plenty of paper towels inside. Not for just any riff-raft, only concert goers were allowed therein. That impressed me so much with it’s classiness, that I couldn’t just call em an Andy Gump; I thought  of them being more an “Andrew Gump” instead.  No shit….it’s true.

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