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He said What?

OK…Ripe for Ridicule time again. I saw this one in a Yahoo news story about the debt ceiling crisis. This is a statement from US Senator Orin Hatch on the Republican demand that now a constitutional amendment be added into the negotiations requiring a balanced budget.

Senator Hatch said: “Only by restoring constitutional restraints on the ability of the US Congress to spend, can we constrain the growth of the federal government. The solution to a spending crisis is not tax increases. Yet Washington has consistently demonstrated that it cannot control its urge to spend.”

Can I believe my eyes. Is what he’s actually saying: the Representatives and Senators that make up the “Congress” can’t control themselves? And are rather solely driven by their urges and desires? Now I can understand thinking with your dick (it’s a handy tool for makin’ them important decisions), but Orin’s saying, and keep in mind that he is a member of Congress and part of “Washington”,  that he and his co-workers are nothing but a bunch of shopaholics  and need help.

“Now Hansi.  Once again you’ve had too much medication.  He didn’t mean he himself has a problem, just everyone else.”  Well, I’ll be dipped in shit, I thought he was  admitting to being totally irresponsible, and having no control over himself.  Kinda like  Anthony Weiner.  Wow…I’m sure glad we didn’t elect a bunch of guys with serious addiction problems to be our ‘leaders’?

When I was fighting crime, I had an old junkie on my caseload. This guy had been using heroin since he was a teenager, and been in and out of jail many times for drug offenses. He came to me one day and asked for a “dry-out”. Didn’t know what he meant so he explained: If you’re a heroin addict, you don’t have to be “strung-out” all the time, but can only use occasionally, its called “chipping”. BUT…sometimes ‘occasionally’ turns into frequently, and then you’re “on a run”. Things can really go south on ya then, cause ya start to get a little desperate, and start doing desperate things like maybe rob a Liquor Store…Bad, that’s Prison time, not just 90 days in the ‘County’ for being under the influence.

So what my client wanted was for me to test him for drug use;  he guaranteed he’d be ‘dirty’, and then violate his probation and take him to Court and recommend he serve 30 days for using drugs. He wanted a forced 30 day detox in the county jail, cause he could no longer control himself and he knew it!  Needless to say, I fulfilled his wishes.

Is this what the good senator is really admitting “I can’t control myself so I need a constitutional detox”.  ” Far be it from me to act responsibly, I’ve got a problem.  I need outside help.””  Are these guys we’ve put into office little more than Junkies. Manipulative, distrustful addicts that would do anything for a fix, and are totally beyond control???

Watch what you’re saying Orin baby.  Some folks may actually be listening.  You’re “Ripe For Ridicule”.

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