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I Got Four Remotes

Yep…I’ve come out of the technology stone age and have entered into the bronze age of little gadgets that cost a lot of money. I got an Amazon Fire Stick for Xmas! So now my TV is hooked up to my computer (what will they think of next?), and that means: not only do I have a remote for my television, DVD/CD player and Direct TV box, I’ve now got one for Fire Sticking on Netflix and I can talk to it and tell “Alexa” what to do like search for movies. The table next to my recliner (If ya got four remotes a recliner comes along with the territory, making it a ‘perfect storm’ of never having to get up off your ass) is piled high with them [sure wish I had remotes for my record turn-table and ancient Pioneer tuner-amp]. My son hooked me up with Netflix, so now we have so much of the same ‘ol shit I’ll never get around to watching it all.

The thing of it is: When ya have so many remotes for so may devices, there’s no one universal supreme being remote to control everything. No doubt there will be Hell to pay for that. “Alexa” is nice, but sadly only a lesser god in the pantheon of artificial intelligence.

Comments on: "I Got Four Remotes" (6)

  1. Time to buy stock in a battery company!

    BTW I heard a joke you’d like==

    An Australian, a New Zealander and an Englishman go into a bar . . .

    (punchline in next comment to heighten the suspense)

  2. (punchline)

    They all agree you’re a wanker!

  3. I drop my cable and now I stream almost everything so now I have 2….TV and the DVD player….finally I can relax and get so damned confused. chuq

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