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Well, the Covid re-opening lasted about ten days for me.  As of now, I’m reeling it all back in.  Only goin’ out for necessities (and that doesn’t mean a trip to the local marijuana dispensary although they are having some really great deals in this time of extreme need),  I mean basic stuff like groceries at Trader Joes and the local nursery for garden supplies.  And then it’s mask on, go in and get the hell out as fast as I can, followed with a thorough douching of my hands with sanitizer out in the car.  New cases of Covid 19 are on the rise in the US, and if it hasn’t already, it sure looks like the shit is about to hit the fan.  We have no national strategy for dealing with the virus except for ‘every man for himself’.  All I know is: if I do the opposite of what Donald Trump says I’ll be okay.

Oh well…Here’s some more drawings of things that look like other things.  They are ‘things’ in and of themselves, and are what they are.  Problem is they look other things rather than what they are.  Funny how that works.

Comments on: "Things That Look Like Other Things" (3)

  1. All I know is: if I do the opposite of what Donald Trump says I’ll be okay.

    Now that (sadly) is a sentence of the times.

  2. We’ve decided that we don’t need anything we can’t have delivered. Which I realize isn’t a universal option, but it’s scary out there, even though I live in an area where low-information wingnuts are in the minority, I’ve been scared from the starrt of people who might get too close and then go ballistic when asked to back away.

    I’m happy to report that we can get gin delivered.

    • I think going out there is all about risk assessment: Is this place safe? Do I feel safe?  I’m finding that a lot of grocery stores are safe, it’s just the glue-less customers that strike fear in my heart.  Be safe and enjoy the gin.

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