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That’s what it feels like these days.  Every day is a shit-show, and I get to watch it on TV whilst sitting in my recliner ( every old geezer has one, and here in Hansi-land we have His and Hers recliners – a sure sign of advanced geezerhood.  Most nights around 8:00, a visitor from another planet would find old Hansi and The Wife kicked back in them recliners watching a Hallmark movie.  I rarely make it to the end of the movie before falling asleep, cause I usually move from recliner to the sofa to a assume a more prone position; that’s when it starts to get interesting.  By then my evening herbal medication is still working its magic, while I nod off into that nether-world of semi-consciousness and my filthy imaginative inner mind takes over. Instead of the usual boy meets girl who is in danger of losing her cupcake bakery plot, things start to get a little more kinky and start to resemble a science fiction movie instead of a romantic comedy.  So that wholesome looking sweet thing somehow turns into an alien queen from an evil planet hell-bent an dominating hapless earth-men with visions of interstellar intercourse and cosmic coitus that even Captain Kirk could not resist).

Oh well…I lost tract of the shit-show, so above is a new page of the drawings I cranked out in June. Below, something from the archives.

Comments on: "Everything Is Turning To Shit And I Have A Front Row Seat" (2)

  1. I’m trying to reduce news viewing time to avoid the shit show. It is so violent and depressing. But it’s 3 minutes of movie, three and a half minutes of commercials, repeating cycle 24 hours. I would like to strangle the pillow guy, the buy gold guy, and those auto insurance people and that lizard too. .

    • Love it!  We have Direct TV (I’m not endorsing it) which allows us to record what we want, see it when we want, and more importantly, fast forward through all the commercials. Of course I’m paying 50 bucks a month for the privilege.Stay healthy Carl…looks like it’s a good thing you no longer live in Florida.

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