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Here’s Another One


Usually I prefer to fill this blog with witty rants from a slightly over medicated point of view about how America is going to hell in a hand-basket.  But I wanted to forgo a diatribe about cities burning because yet another black man has died at the hands of the police, looters ransacking already struggling business, while the incapable and incompetent leadership at the very top of government wants to get our minds off of the Corona pandemic and only speaks to the needs of his ever shrinking political base.   Instead, I’d like to focus on my drawing, which is increasingly becoming a refuge and “place of safety” during these end times during these chaotic times which is not yet approaching the shit that went down in the 60’s but is getting pretty damn close.  Oh well…gotta take solace in the fact that some things never change, and hop into my own little world where everything is fair, everyone is safe from harm and nothing is scary unless ya take a little bit too much medication – but that goes away fast, and it’s totally worth it.

So…this is a page in one of my smaller sketchbooks (brown paper).  Can’t have too many sketchbooks and different sizes.  Never can tell when ya might wanna draw the same ol’ crap you’ve been doing for years in a bigger size.  My bigger sketch books look pretty much like the smaller ones.  They are just filled with more small sketches because their pages are bigger.

Comments on: "Here’s Another One" (3)

  1. Keep ’em coming! Metta

  2. Yeah, it IS like the 60s all over again. But without the cool music and lashings of LSD.

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