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Coping With Corona

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about done with this stay at home lock-down stuff.  I can hang with maybe two more weeks, but after that I’m done.  When our President decides to turn the America switch back on, I’ll be there at the front door waiting to jumping back in with both feet.  Well….maybe I won’t go that far.  In fact, if the President does turn the America switch back on, I think I’ll just wait a while until it warms up a bit and running smoothly without any bugs or glitches.

In the meantime, what this means to me is: this old dog’s gotta learn some new tricks.  I gotta figure out ways to cope with living in this science-fiction disaster flick situation that’s become our new normal.  So I decided to make a list of things that I should and shouldn’t do to keep grip on what’s left of my sanity as I can.  Not rules!  Don’t want that!  Don’t want anything crammed down my throat except a Covid 19 test swab, or maybe ventilator (if available) should things get really bad.

Don’t Watch Cable News:  I’m a news junkie and watch CNN and other ‘liberal media’ a lot more than I should.  It’s tempting to just sit there and take it all in what with all the ‘essential’ information they’re dispensing. But I don’t need to constantly see the little score-board of new infections, deaths and points dropped on the DOW in the upper right-hand corner of each show.  Reminds me of evening news during the Vietnam War and the daily body counts.  Cable News is not news, it’s commentary and opinion.  A fear machine designed to keep you in an anxious and agitated state of mind.  Fox is the worst.  It’s time to call a cease-fire in the culture war.  Everybody knows things are turning to shit, don’t gotta  be reminded of it every hour on the hour.

Stay Connected:  One can go absolutely stir-crazy if they stuck at home all day.  Add social distancing, and the message is; stay away from other people.  B O R I N G.  I feel it’s import to remain in and encourage staying connected with others.  I call my old geezer buddies daily.  Just checking in, seeing how they’re dealing with it all.  We’re not in this all alone.  There is no “Other”, he’s your brother. Give em a call, or Skype.

Eat Less And Exercise More:  Nothing better when your bummed out (or have the munchies) than to plop in front of the tube and eat ice cream right outta the carton.  Comfort food makes ya feel good. Too bad I’ve wolfed-down everything sweet in the house a week ago, and on top of that, my gym is closed.  We gotta stay healthy and as fit as possible.  If nothing else, go for a walk.

Get Some Sunshine:  Not only does sunlight help you produce vitamin A and D, it’s a fairly good antidepressant.  Coupled with maybe some deep breathing I start to feel relaxed and less stressed.

These are some of the things I’m working on.  How about you?

Stay healthy and be well.

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  1. Good to hear from you and hope you stay well. This is the second day of our nationwide lockdown. I’ve already done two things I’d been putting of for, well, years. So feeling productive–not sure how long that will last!

    Not sure if you’ve seen this nice summary of reality from down under:

    • Outstanding video!!!  A must see.  Not only do we have a Shit Show, we have a Bullshit Show.  Wonder is the Donald will get it.  His buddy Boris in the U K got it.Stay well and be healthy my friend.

  2. Have you heard from Larry?

  3. Nice summary! After 2 weeks of lockdown here in good ol’ dumbfucking Germany, people are still crazy about toilet paper. Some even steal it from puplic places. Eventhough there is no shortage in sight. On the other hand, news are terrifying, threatening and when I think about the near futur I sometimes could shit my pants. But then again shouldn’t you buy more pants? Especially brown ones? TP won’t last forever, just thinking.

    Stay save and buy more booze! The best currency for the Apocalypse!

    • Good to hear from you Knut.  Hope you and your girl-friend (I do talk to your mother a lot on Skype) are healthy and doing well.  I don’t know what this thing with toilet paper is except if this thing kills ya, at least you’ll be going into the next life with a clean ass-hole.  Stay safe and happy.  Although Europe is a definite hotspot for this virus, somehow I think you’ll fare much better in Germany than in the good ol’ USA.

  4. Toilet paper issues here in the UK too. It seems to be the most important thing to panic buy. Who’d have thought it? Stay safe xx

  5. Pretty much a stay at home as father is 96 anyway so being indoors doesn’t bother me much but I am tired of my 6 AM scavenger hunts at the grocery stores. They are fairly well stocked except for the critical items one needs.

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