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Corona What?

Unless you’ve been in a coma or on a thirty day silent meditation retreat, I think everybody pretty much now knows that the world has changed, and literally almost overnight.  I woke-up last Friday morning to learn that California (my home state) had been shut down by order of our Governor.  Say What?  I’ve lived in California all my life, and it’s been open all the time 24/7.  Things are getting serious!  I now have to practice “social distancing”.  Wash my hands before I eat, after I eat, before I touch anything, and after I touch something.  I’m washing my hands so much , I even wash them after I let a fart.

I don’t know about you, but I’m taking all this shit very seriously.  The Wife and I drastically changed our behavior and curtailed all of our public and social activities.  My gym has closed.  We don’t go to ‘Dollar Tuesday” at the local theater ( one uncovered cough could take-out all the Social Security recipients attending) and we don’t have friends over for dinner.  Nobody comes in our house and we don’t touch anyone!

Pretty drastic measures.  But hey, we’re 73 years old and statically in the high-risk group; but thankfully without pre-existing conditions.  I’m not at all comforted by what comes out of the mouth of our President, who at first denied the outbreak (yet another hoax), then minimized it (oh yea you can still go to work),  makes excuses for the total lack of preparedness  (I’m not responsible) and now wants it over and done with so the economy can rebound and he be re-elected (we’re doomed!).

On the plus side:  The Planet is getting a much needed break from pollutants and green house gases, what with airplanes not flying, folks not traveling and much less oil being consumed.  People may be forced to get down to the basics and come to find what’s really important in their lives.

Stay healthy,  Be safe.  And keep in mind:  This is not the end of the world.

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  1. Sorry Hans, Trump wants you and your wife to sacrifice yourselves for the good of his hotels, and his friends cruise ship lines.

    Loved the drawings. And please, do die quietly. Loud gargling sounds as you drown will only upset Trump’s reelection bid.

    • I think ya nailed that one. The Donald is only concerned about himself and the prospects for re-election. The only silver lining in this Corona Virus is that it could be his total undoing.  On the other hand, there is no shortage idiots in America who think he’s doin’ just fine.

  2. It’s a mess. Sure feels like we’re somewhere close to the end. The Idiot in Chief is doing what he does best. There is no humanity in him.

    • Good to hear from ya.  I think the Idiot in Chief is setting an example for us…of what NOT to be.  We are all (humanity) in this together and must show love for all our brothers and sisters worldwide.  Stay well and remain healthy

  3. Howdy Hansi, I’ve been cleaning up tbaoo which is now https://www.ajmcrawford.com and found your sweet words throughout. I was going ask how you are but I see from this post you’re both hanging tough and staying isolated as am I. Somehow we’ll all get through this, although the orange buffoon is making it hard for you guys 🙂

    • Alan…It’s so good to hear from you.  Hope all is well down under, and that you government is handling this pandemic better than mine, although I must say that state governors are doing an excellent job.  My blogging ground to a halt a long time ago, but now that I’m at home all the time and scared to death (literally) of going out,the time seems ripe to crank-up the old blog and avoid that depressing feeling of isolation.Stay healthy and may you be well.

      • And you Hansi, America wins the prize for the most deranged leader and with North Korea in the mix that’s an honour of the highest order. Our fumbling leaders are trying to lower the curve and have updates as more is known and numbers increase. Restrictions are being applied. I’m sitting at home on leave until the end of April, after that I’m unsure. Cheers

  4. Over the pond, we have a similar idiot in charge although the whole country is now on lockdown, not before time. I’m quite enjoying it. Emergency services are doing a grand job and there’s a sense of pulling together. Rediscovering the basics, like you said, seems to be a positive thing and the pollution has dropped dramatically. And people are working from home without the whole of society collapsing. Might be a good thing in the long run, as long as we stay alive 😀

    • Yea…it seems like Boris is the English version of Trump without the artificial suntan.  These may be the times that tries men’s (and women’s) soul.  But it may be a time of creativity wherein folks are forced to adapt a simpler life style and discover new ways to communicate and stay a part of the local community.  May you and yours stay healthy and be wellH

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