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Global Warning

I really meant the title of this post to be Global Warming, but instead of typing an m, I typed an n.   And because my spell-checker didn’t catch it as a mis-spelling, I wasn’t aware of my blunder until later..  So much for all this artificial intelligence crap; I knew what I meant.  From now on I’m gonna stick with my own natural, organic, 100% whole wheat, analogue intelligence. Anyway, what’s the big deal?  N or M.  As we used to say in the probation department, ‘close enough for government work’.

Everybody in North America knows there ain’t no global warning warming.  This winter we’ve been freezing our asses off.  Meanwhile, those who live in the southwest have been suffering from drought and heat-waves. [Maybe if they hadn’t shut down all them coal fired power plants we’d have enough electricity to run our air conditioners 24/7.

The Green New Deal they’re talking about means no more driving- unless ya own a Prius or one of them all electric cars which ya charge-up with your own electricity which comes from a nuclear power plant.  I think the real culprit is all them farting cows releasing noxious methane gas into the air.  Does that also mean no more hamburgers? (which makes me fart…must be cow karma).  My solution is to attach a little device with a pilot light to their top sirloins, and poof, no more methane.  It would be like when ya had a box of matches when you were a kid and played ‘fun with flatulence’.

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  1. I think that what you said made a ton of sense. But, what about
    this? what if you added a little content? I ain’t saying your content isn’t solid, but suppose you added a headline to
    maybe grab folk’s attention? I mean Global Warning |
    Hansi's Hallucinations is kinda boring. You could look at Yahoo’s front
    page and watch how they create news headlines to get viewers to open the links.
    You might add a video or a related pic or two to get people interested about what you’ve written. In my opinion, it could bring
    your posts a little bit more interesting.

    • Wow…thanks for the input Felipe.  You obviously didn’t read my post, or my blog header “Mind Expanding Nonsense”, let alone the category: “General Insanity”.  I admit, maybe I shudda placed this in the “Ripe For ridicule” section This be a parody, my boy, a lampoon, satire and all bullshit yet something to think about.  I added pictures which I drew all by myself; pretty gud art-work I think.  I don’t really give a shit if folks find my posts interesting or not. I ain’t gonna get rich doing this crap, but if some (who actually read it) get a chuckle, then I’ve serve my followers (a five of them) well.

  2. You are correct and I support your solution! In fact, in NZ someone figured out that the biggest source of greenhouse gas is cow farts and in 2003, they tried to introduce a tax on farmers to reflect that: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2003/sep/05/australia.davidfickling

  3. […] in his inner circle are becoming more and more nervous. Other Jews residing in and turcification (https://hansishallucinations.wordpress.com/2019/03/22/global-warning) round Washington, D.C. A hernia occurs when inner layers of abdominal muscle grow to be weakened. […]

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