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Calling Bullshit

One of the best things about America, besides it being Jesus’ favorite county, is the right of freedom of speech.  That’s the first amendment in our Bill of Rights, and is only surpassed by the second amendment, which is the right to bear arms, which I suppose is to protect yourself from those who say things ya don’t like. Although you have a right to say what ya want, you can’t yell out “FIRE” in a crowded theater, threaten people with harm, or even lie under certain circumstance (like being under oath…lot of folks getting burned on that one now-a-days).

Maybe this whole freedom of speech thing is more about stating an opinion or giving unwanted advice.  Which pretty much allows folks to say anything, no matter how barren of fact or grounded in delusion, they may be.  That’s cool with me.  Because just as they are free to say what’s on their mind, so too am I free to say what’s on my mind in response.  Like a sports referee calling a foul when an athlete breaks a rule, I can call Bullshit when I hear rhetoric that runs a foul.

Calling Bullshit is an effective way of voicing disagreement, disapproval and resistance to being taken in by falsehood.  I often find myself calling Bullshit when The President speaks.  He too is fond of calling bullshit, but more often than not, his calling bullshit is bullshit itself, and in need to being called out.



Comments on: "Calling Bullshit" (7)

  1. I despise media that poffer fake news and editorialized news and hide under freedom of speech banner. Whatever happened to integrity ?

  2. 8,500 lies in two years, and they’re just the ones we know of because they were said publicly. Quite a president you have there 🙂

  3. Have you thought about teaching Constitutional Law?

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