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Growing Weed


I live in a state where marijuana is legal  (thank you Jesus), and if ya want to, you can grow your own.  In the olden days that used to be called “cultivation” and had serious penalties attached.  Now it’s call “recreation”.  You don’t even have to go through the charade of getting a medical letter to be legal, you’re just legal, no strings attached except those imposed by local ordinances.  Things have sure changed since the 60’s.  I guess the times they really were a changin’.

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  1. I studied in Canberra and it was legal there to grow pot for personal use. The only limitation was a maximum of 5 stems in the soil; which is to say, 5 plants. A good green-thumb can, though, perform a loaves and fishes miracle on just one stem. Long story short, we went without want.

  2. Addicts in recovery cannot do pot even if legal and be true to 12 Step protocols. Alcohol is legal too but that does not excuse consumption. Hey but if pot is not a gateway to hell, the hell addicts have experienced, enjoy. We addicts must take a pass though. Clean and sober 17 years on Mar 3.

    • Congratulations on 17 years!  Although I see cannabis use as the lesser of a lot of evils, I strongly feel that folks with addiction/dependency (or mental health) issues SHOULD NOT smoke weed.  And that it definitely should be kept out of the hands of adolescents!  Decriminalization is a good thing, and with legalization comes regulation and taxation, driving up prices, so a lot of folks I suspect are still going to their local friendly drug peddler for their needs.

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