mind expanding nonsense

Memory Bank

I wish I had a tape recorder in my head so I could record all the shit I think about, and then play it back at my leisure to evaluate if there was anything of socially redeeming value left behind. From what I do recall, the contents are usually fairly shallow, and if they hold my attention at all, mainly consist of mesmerizing fantasies.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to slow it all down  and evaluate each thought that strolls through your mind?  You could score each thought on a scale of 1 to 10.  One being shear bullshit, and ten something worthy of action.  Then ya wouldn’t save to save them up in your memory bank (mine is bank-rupt).  I can sorta do that now, but usually they come whippin’ by so fast I can’t focus on one for the distraction of another.  Then there’s the instant evaluation as to like or dis-like, with clinging on to the ‘likes’ and jettisoning the ‘dis-likes’ before they grow into paranoia.  Right now I’m consistently scoring in the high 3’s.

…I wrote this the night before my seventy second birthday – Birthday Eve.  Boy, I could sure go for some birthday cake right about now.

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