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Whitened Sepulchers

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, let alone understand, it’s hypocrisy.   Jesus couldn’t stand it either, and sure jumped in the Pharisees’ shit, not hesitating to call out their hypocrisy.  When he was really on a roll, he’d call them the ultimate put-down: whitened sepulchers – looking all nice and freshly painted on the outside, but inside, a tomb filled with rotting corpses, flesh consuming worms and all other manner of unclean things.  Jesus is probably rolling over in his grave at the state of affairs in his favorite county America.

I can understand the double standard if for no other reason that if one standard is good, two has gotta be better.  But you can’t claim be in favor of balanced budgets, then when it’s your turn to be in charge, spend like there’s no limit to tax cuts for the wealthy.  You can’t claim to be a righteous and holy people, and elect a godless, self-centered, compulsive liar who is an adulterer, and fornicator who prefers the company of harlots, and think that’s just fine because he’ll fill the courts with pro-life judges.  Jesus like harlots too, but he didn’t make them sign non-disclosure documents.

Comments on: "Whitened Sepulchers" (6)

  1. The sheer hypocrisy of the evangelical/republicans is truly astonishing. So much so that it’s clear they don’t believe a wit of what they *claim* to belive.

  2. At least they are true to themselves in being as they are.

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