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I know it’s important, but I’m not a big consumer of social media.  I don’t do Facebook (absolute waste of time), I have never ‘tweeted’ and have never sent a text message.  I don’t even own a cell phone.  Don’t get me wrong.  Some technology is good.  I just think one ought to choose wisely which forms you’re willing to embarrass  embrace.  A cell phone could come in real handy when traveling.  I sure could of used one the other day when I wondered off, got lost and wished I could call The Wife to find out where I was.


Comments on: "Social Media" (7)

  1. I’m more than happy to have lived through my teens and twenty’s without smartphones to record every stupid thing I did.

  2. Now they’re all wearing fitbits on their wrists. Not me I tell the. I’m not wearing a machine that snoops on me! They don’t understand because they are growing up in a world where everyone snoops on everyone else through social media. They say that fitbits will be great for keeping tabs on us elders. Sod that. That’s electronic tagging as far as I’m concerned and as I am not a criminal, I am damned if they are going to tag me! They think I’m quaint.

  3. Don’t feel out of touch. My phone is right here on my desk in front of me. I do have a cell phone but carry it when traveling and primary use is to have it when I am driving if an emergency presents or if there is a power outage but no regular communication. It is a flip phone with no screen and big buttons for old arthritic fingers and fading eyesight.

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