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White Paper

I’m a multi-media sort of guy.   Most of the stuff I’ve been posting recently has been on brown paper.  But I don’t just use brown paper only, I use white paper too!  In fact, I use quite a lot of white paper because brown paper sketch books are really expensive so ya only wanna put you really good stuff in them.  Old Hansi ain’t made of money.  I don’t wanna end up like some of my broke social security buddies having to eat cat food in order to survive.  Every time I go over for dinner at their house, I gotta ask if we’re having canned food or kibbles – I really don’t like dry-food.


Comments on: "White Paper" (5)

  1. It is a shame that paper is no longer an option for most outlets……would be a good source for brown paper….just a thought….chuq

  2. After taking a rest from drawing for a while do you notice any changes in your work ? Whether arts and crafts, drawing, carving and such after I take a long break I find when I start up again my style changes a bit, I relearn things about particular details and modify things. I just notice a difference.

    • I’ve noticed the same thing. Maybe we tend to get into ruts, even artistically, and taking a break allows us to come back with a fresh perspective.

  3. Next time you go over for a meal, take along a can of cat food with a drawing on it!

  4. Like a medium rare steak?

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