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Fake News

It used to be that the News was the News.  Something you watched at 6:00 p.m. and turned off until Gunsmoke came on.  Now the News is on 24/7 in whichever flavor you prefer, be it middle of the road like NPR, or on the other sides of the spectrum: MSNBC vs. FOX.  I never heard about ‘fake news’ until our President told us about it and how it usually consisted of embarrassing stories about himself; all lies of course.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what’s real news and what’s fake.  We had ‘alternative facts’ for a while.  Thank god that was short-lived.  Guess everybody knew that was a load of crap.  Facts is facts, and unlike lifestyles, there are no alternatives…Kelly Anne Conway notwithstanding (that lady scares ol’ Hansi to death).

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if something is fake.  But it doesn’t take a trained eye to spot a knock-off.  Usually it’s flimsy, of poor quality and ya know that something is just not right.  I’ve got an easier way.  All you need is a de-coder ring, like a lot of us geezers had when we were kids, and you’ll be able to decipher anything.  And the secret code is: Everything the Prez says, the opposite is true!

If he says there was no collusion, there was collusion ‘big-league’.  If he says something is true, it’s a big fat lie.  If he makes a promise, it’ll never happen.  And if you put your trust him, you’re gonna get screwed.  [For the life of me I can’t understand why Evangelical Christians back him so much.  Don’t they know that if ya hop in bed with the Devil, someone’s gonna get phucked?]

And speaking of getting screwed with lying one’s ass off sprinkled on top:  porn star Stormy Daniels.  At $130,000 a serving, that must have been the best slice in the history of intercourse ( or that money can buy).  Now the Stormstress is telling all…guess it’s hard to keep your mouth shut in that business.

So…Don’t be fooled no more.  Yes means No, and No means Yes.  The truth has become bullshit, and bullshit has become the truth.



Comments on: "Fake News" (7)

  1. The drawing delivers the messages loud and clear – and no text even needed. Well done!

  2. Insightful commentary

  3. Actually, for about five minutes, “fake news” described misinformation that was planted on social media by partisan actors, whether right-wing nutjobs or fancy Russian bears (hard to tell where the one leaves off and the other begins at times). The breathless reports that Hillary Clinton ate babies, or ran a child sex ring out of Comet Pizza (which is across from the best liquor store in DC, tangentially) are a couple of good examples. These would be seeded across the web to get dumb people all fired up, and it worked, and someone said “we have a problem with fake news” and the next thing you know, the Trumpies were twisting the phrase around and applying it to reports responsibly sourced and researched by professional journalists at CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, wherever.

    I wish your caterpillar were the size of a giant space alien and would eat the orange bastard on live TV.

    • I can dig it! I haven’t figured out a way to make my illustrations come alive yet, but when I do, it’ll be unleashed somewhere near Washington.

  4. It’s a hot mess. Rather exhausting. I can’t work 8 hours, make art AND listen to 45’s foolishness. Such a lonely man, angry man.

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