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Writing Stuff Down



If I wanna remember anything and use it in the future, I gotta write it down.  Cause if I don’t, I’ll forget.  [ I wonder when and where I wrote down “get up three times a night and pee”…weird how I seem to remember that one without a sign plastered on my bedroom wall.]    If I didn’t write November on the above drawing, I’d never know when I drew it, despite the fact that I sign and date all my stuff…must be that yellow post-it on my sketch-book.

It’s funny how one tends to remember all the bad stuff that happened to ya, and forget most of the good stuff.  Maybe that’s why I prefer to have a rich fantasy life.  These drawings reflect some of that fantasy life, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was….by the looks of it, it must of been pretty good.

november detail (2)


Comments on: "Writing Stuff Down" (8)

  1. A toast to your the depth of your memory!

  2. Oh wow, you’re back in action. Could’ve traveled the globe twice by now, if the money was there. Guess that’s where reading comes in. Welcome back.

  3. Oh My Word! What goes on in your head LOL 😀

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