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Drawing A Blank

1-28-15 004

A lot of times when I don’t have anything to blog about, I blog about not having anything to blog about, and suddenly I have something to blog about.  Lately I’ve noticed that I’m forgetting things.  Not the stuff I’d like to forget once and for all – that comes back and haunts me on a daily basis.  It’s the little things, like getting up and going into the kitchen and immediately forgetting what I went in there for.  Another favorite is knowing that I’m becoming forgetful, I’ll write it down something down (for sure as shit I’ll forget).  Problem is, by the time I find where I’ve left my pen and paper, I’ve forgotten what was so damn important in the first place.

There’s others, but I’ve totally forgotten what they were.

3-13-13 005


Comments on: "Drawing A Blank" (17)

  1. I think it was Monty Python’s Big Red Book which dedicated an entire page to explaining why it (the page) was blank. Great stuff.

    • I liked the one where Eric Idle went into a room marked Arguments, and was confronted by John Cleese who insisted it was the wrong room.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if it is more about allowing random thoughts to overwhelm us in rapid succession between a thought and taking action on it rather than any memory loss. An aspect of sensory overload I think.

    We’re like the dog in the animated movie, “Up!”


  3. Yeah, I used to blog about having nothing to blog about but then I even ran outta things to say about that.

  4. Boy do I relate! It has taken me awhile to grow accustomed to taking notes on my phone, but that seems to be working. I don’t like the idea that if it weren’t for the notes I’d forget whatever information I listed, but at least I can find it! This will work until I start losing my phone!

  5. I write stuff down so I won’t forget, then I forget to look at the list of stuff I wrote.

  6. The trials and tribulations of Geezerhood. A suggestion for next Easter … Hide your own Easter eggs to hunt.

  7. Some say it’s old age. I prefer to say that I’ve accumulated so much information, my brain is running over. Happens all the time these days.

  8. I forget what I was going to say. It was very clever though.

  9. That’s like everywhere, writing, painting, blogging, first nothing, then some words, and surprisingly there is something at the end.

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