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Schwandal Poofs

1-28-15 005

Another set of small drawings I call Schwandal Poofs.  Not to be confused with Wavel Furds or Divel-Fipps of earlier posts.  These are totally different – more schwandal poofian in nature.  It’s quite obvious that my Divel-Fippian period is over and it’s time to explore other areas, while still keeping elements of my Waval-Furd roots.

Sure hope ya like em.  That would make me happy.  So have a puff and enjoy a poof.


Comments on: "Schwandal Poofs" (12)

  1. Perhaps you might employ your pen to draw Frippityfrops.

  2. I’m locking the doors now.

  3. Nice drawings. Did you know that in the part of the world where “wanker” is used widely, “poof” doesn’t only mean to disappear with a puff of smoke? Have a look at this: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Poof

    • I’ didn’t know that. Which is worse? Being a Wanker or a Poof?

      • It’s like one of those logic quizzes. If not all poof’s are wankers, and some wankers are poofs, but both wankers and poofs wank, when will the train arrive in Chicago.

        Nothing wrong with being a poof or with wanking but don’t be a wanker!

  4. I love how playful these are!

  5. These are fun, thanks for the smile!

  6. Whatever you call them–they’re charming! I’ll gladly take more of these! 🙂

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