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Listening To Music #2

1-10-15 005

This is what I drew while listening to Jimi Hendrix’s  “Cry of Love” and Chris Isaak’s “Blue Hotel” albums (on vinyl of course).  Sure was a lot of blues crying for love in those two hotels.  Chris Isaak can be be a bit depressing at times, what with his hauntingly mournful moans of lost love and relationships turning to shit (“Funeral in the rain” a case in point).  But, he has a great guitar player backing him up with a ton of reverb-laden licks.  Hendrix is always uplifting (‘excuse me while I kiss  the sky’).

This part, what you’re reading, is the afterglow, the drawing over with – a little pillow talk.  Sometimes after a particularly zesty session of drawing I’m exhausted.  Don’t wanna lay around and talk.  Just wanna get up, put on my clothes and get the hell outta here.

1-10-15 004


Comments on: "Listening To Music #2" (5)

  1. I’m figuring I shouldn’t try too hard to imagine this picture…

  2. yeah, I get that post coital feeling after loads of art, but with aching legs as well.

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