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divel-fipps 003

A lot of times I’ll do these small, tiny, itsie-bitsie little drawings I call Divel-fipps.  I suppose I could call ’em small tiny little drawings done in ink and embellished with colored pencil, but for some reason I prefer Divel-fipps.  What’s in a name anyway?  A name lets ya know what something is, yet only in a limited superficial way.  One name can apply to many different individual things.

divel-fipps 005Donovan sang, “First there was a mountain, then there was no mountain, then there was.”  Pretty trippy mind-blowing stuff.  Best understood in a zen-like way.  When I first see a mountain, I think, “Oh, a mountain.”  When I take a closer look, I see rocks and boulders, trees and shrubs, gravel and a multitude of things including animals (and if the animals are in heat, you could even call it a ‘fucking mountain’).  The mountain is really an aggregate of things piled up on one another (including the animals if it’s that time of year) and unique unto itself, to which we affix a label and call  it a mountain.

The same thing goes for Divel-fipps.  First there was a Divel-fipp, then there was no Divel-fipp, then there was.

divel-fipps 004


Comments on: "Divel-Fipps" (11)

  1. a Divel-fipp…I like it…….better than “what is the sound of two pens laughing”? A Zen thingy……

  2. Pretty cool, Juanita!

  3. Any Divel-fipps of Hot Dog Man?

  4. Now I’ve got a Donovan earworm. Could be worse. Could be Rhianna’s Umbrella. Oh damn!

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