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Getting Things Done

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I’m the kinda guy that likes getting things done.  That doesn’t mean I putter around all day – just half the day.  There’s always things to do: the garden, pruning fruit trees, taking out the trash and juicing carrots.  Last week I juiced a row of carrots that got too big for cooking purposes (yes, size does matter, but when it comes to carrots, bigger is not necessarily better.  It’s how you use them that counts). Wow, that batch was so potent (with a beet, parsley and kale thrown in) that you could almost hear yourself getting healthier drinking it.

A lot of times I kinda sneak-up on a job.  Especially the ones I really don’t wanna do: Getting the car smog-checked, changing oil, mowing the lawn.  All the crap ya really don’t want to deal with, but gotta do.  That’s why I work my way up to those tasks.  Figure out how I’m gonna do it, and then get my lazy ass in gear and do it.

It’s funny how in retirement, if you really don’t wanna do something, you don’t have to.  And that’s Okay.  Maybe that’s a little shellfish selfish, but it isn’t.  Now that I’ve gone to college, had a career, raised kids and put them through college, I’m done with responsibility.  I’m finding that people are giving me a pass in my old age (67).   They call me Sir, hold doors open for me, and are more than willing to help me when I can’t figure out how to use on of them Red Box machines.

Sometimes I feel invisible.  Not the kind you wished ya had back in high school so you could go into the girls locker-room unseen.  But more of a people don’t pay attention to me sort of invisibility.  I don’t stand out, go unnoticed and that’s fine with me.  Gives me a sense of freedom.  I can wonder around in the grocery store, totally spaced-out, tripping-out on whatever blows my mind, and nobody cares.  Just another old guy with early Alzheimers.  Meanwhile, in my mind, Jimi Hendrix sings, “Excuse me while I kiss the sky”.

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Comments on: "Getting Things Done" (10)

  1. Retirement is a grand adventure…..but keep that to yourself….we do not want too many “yuppies” figuring it out and trying to make cash off of it, which in turn will suck for us old geezers…..LOL

  2. as it should be

  3. Coming up to 60 this year wondering how the hell I got here what with all the partying and motor bikes and heavy metal and general craziness of our generation. But so glad I made it and surprised at how much fun it is. And how much you can get away with as you grow older.

  4. Am loving that “invisible” part about being older. Nobody bugs me, at least not in an unfriendly way. Lots of people ask for advice or directions (I must look like I know something) but nobody ever gives me any grief, not even the homeless guys asking for my spare change.

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