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Even More Thoughts

1-28-15 010

1.  There’s nothing better than feeling good.  Yep, there’s nothing better than feeling good…except feeling better.  What more can I say about that?  When it comes to feeling good or feeling better, I always choose feeling better.  Feeling good is good, but better is better.

2.    What’s in your mind affects your body.   What’s in your body also affects what’s in your mind  (this blog is living proof of that).   You gotta have a healthy mind in order to have a healthy body and visa-verse.  I prefer to live without fear (even though there’s a shit-load of scary-ass stuff out there to worry about), eat healthy home-grown foods and being content with what I have.

3.  Work your ass off, so you never have to work again.  That’s what Yahoo Finance is basically telling everybody who wants to retire some day.  Work longer, save, delay benefits, simplify your lifestyle, so you no longer have to do that anymore.  They rarely  tell ya what to do once ya get there, except to prepare for convalescent care in case life ends up so good that all ya do is lay around  shitting in your pants waiting to die.  Not two too bright a prospect.

4.  Always keep a positive attitude.   A negative mind-state will drain you.  A positive mind-state will constantly re-charge you.  That’s why I never watch Fox News.  Why dwell upon fear, paranoia and distrust?  Recently Bill Huckabee, former governor and conservative christian show host, said he thought a lot of the women hosts (hostesses?) on Fox looked “sleazy”.  Well no shit Huckaboo.  What do you expect from the network that brought us ‘Married With children’?  Probably one of the most sleaziest of sitcoms ever shown on television.  I used to watch our local Fox News weather tramp; hot as hell in a trashy sorta way; who cared about the weather.  One has to wonder why Fox as kept The Simpsons on for all these years?  I guess, despite all it’s social satire and swipes at conservative values, it’s because the show is a huge hit and making them tons of money; therefore conservative standards can be relaxed.


Comments on: "Even More Thoughts" (3)

  1. Hey what’s wrong with Simpsons? Bart would be a great president.

  2. yep, pretty good list.

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