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Hurling Invectives

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I’m really not sure what an invective is.  But sometimes when I hear something that I know is bullshit, and it’s being passed off as non-bullshit, I get so upset that I just wanna yell out, “Fuck You!”.  That usually happens when I watch a lot of TV.  I don’t know if that’s hurling an invective or dropping an F-bomb.  I think some one once said, “He who is without bullshit may hurl the first invective”.  I kinda see it as a sport, similar to the winter sport of Curling, but instead of sliding stones on ice, you hurl verbal bombs into the air, hoping to get as close to your chosen target as possible.

Dropping F-bombs can be crude and vulgar, depending on who’s doing the dropping, but ultimately satisfying, like letting a silent fart.  Similar to passing flatulence, one can always tell when an F-bomb is called for, cause something just doesn’t smell right.  I love it when a TV personality accidentally drops an F-bomb.  Everybody acts so embarrassed and surprised while we learn what a potty mouth that person really is.  Politicians are pretty good at not dropping F-bombs.  They’re always so diplomatic even though everybody knows they’re calling their opponents fuckers.

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Comments on: "Hurling Invectives" (9)

  1. The F-bomb is a versatile word….it can be a noun, a verb, an adjective, adverb….etc…..and when said there is NO doubt in what the user was saying….a great fuck…damn I love “f*cking” grammar…

  2. “hurling an invective ”

    One of the best throws a pitcher can make

  3. keepin’ it real.

  4. I don’t know what an invective is either. I may look it up but I probably won’t if it’s BS. I don’t go looking for BS and usually, it finds its way to me.

  5. South Park has warped my fragile little mind and given me so many more inventive ways to use fuck. I find I am swearing much more as I get older, probably because I just don’t give a toss anymore. Toss, that’s a good one.

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