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Back Door Man

12-26-14 003

“The mens don’t know, but the little girls understand”.  So sang the Doors, and originally, Howling Wolf.  The Back Door Man was the guy doing his “midnight creep”,  slipping in the rear of someones house and having his way with another man’s wife (not to be confused with a guy  who has an anal fetish – that’s another type of back door man).  He’s the guy doin’ it on the sly.  Other men may be totally unawares, but the little girls aren’t, they understand.

I shouldn’t listen to a lot of blues when I sit down nightly and start to draw.  Too many weird thoughts run through my mind.  And that distracts me from drawing my  increasingly more and more  abstract drawings.  This is compounded by my laughing so hard, that I lose my train of thought, thinking that what I just thought was the greatest thing on earth, until I later read it and think, “Wow,  what a bunch of bullshit”.

I am by the way, a total Front Door man.  If The Wife caught me at the back door, she’d throw me out the front.

Feb 2013 005


Comments on: "Back Door Man" (11)

  1. claradoodles said:

    Ok, so me and hubby listen to Plant Rock, and there is a song played sometimes,, with the lyrics “I wanna be your back door man”. Dunno who sings that but hubby says it means the *other* thing, not the sneaky thing. Explain? Put my mind at ease 😀

    • The original Howlin’ Wolf song pretty much describes a man sneaking in and out of the backdoor of some sweet things house while hubby is away. Has nothing to do with anything anal.

  2. So what your saying is that you eat pork and beans for dinner??

  3. So what you’re saying is that you eat pork and beans for dinner??

    If you’re looking for some bluesy inspiration, try this:

  4. I’m so glad you explained this. I always questioned myself when I sang along to the Doors…

  5. asking any questions regarding this post is seriously asking for trouble.

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