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Clearing Out The Cobwebs

1-10-15 006

Sometimes my mind gets cluttered with a lot of useless information.  And like I do with my email, I regularly get rid of all the Spam I get from horny housewives, loan companies, credit scores, pharmaceuticals just for men and a host of other bullshit I have no interest in whatsoever (a Russian Bride could be interesting however).  How all this stuff gets into my email, I have no idea.  So I empty my trash on a regular basis.  I like things nice a tidy in my brain.  That way things don’t have the proclivity to spin out of control; delete it when you’re done with it is my motto.

On occasion sweeping the mind out is refreshing.  The problem is, what do ya do with all the refuse?  Put it right up there on the ol’ blog is my solution.  Wonder if there’s pollution in cyber-space?


Comments on: "Clearing Out The Cobwebs" (9)

  1. I have developed a mental filing system…..still a work in progress and is easily diverted by crap from the drug companies…..btw the Swedish penis pump is alive and well on the internet….LOL

  2. Mmmmm…penis pump. What’s her name? Does she speak English?

  3. “So I empty my trash on a regular basis. I like things nice a tidy in my brain. “

    Ditto, for what little brain I have left

  4. as good a place as any.

  5. I find it hard to believe that your mind has cobwebs … after all, fantasies take up the most space. … and about those emails … maybe these were yours. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/on-misdirected-emails/

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