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Made In The Shade

12-26-14 001

“I got it made in the shade”.  An old saying implying that you’ve arrived at a reasonable state of comfort or well-being – or, a cheap souvenir produced by local natives sitting under a coconut tree.  All I know is, my comfort level would be greatly increased if I had a maid in that shade with me.  Someone to clean-up after me while enjoying a shady lifestyle.


Comments on: "Made In The Shade" (8)

  1. Um, so what happened to that wife? Just as an aside, when I first glanced at your drawing I thought it looked like a fanciful snail. Maybe it could be.

  2. Made in the shade is a better tag than made in USA…..but an 19 yr old maid from Brazil could be just what the old fart like me could use….better would need a longer nap than normal….chuq

  3. it really makes no sense at all when you think about it…nothing is made in the shade….I’m sure there is some history to the phrase..

  4. Cleaning up after you is one thing but you do not want to be in that state where someone is “cleaning you up” … afterwards. 😉

    • Amen. That reminds me, I gotta look into long-term care insurance 🙂

      • and a supply of adult diapers. 🙂

        Be prepared to be shocked at what long-term health insurance will cost you, especially at this late stage in your life. My wife and I looked at it couple of years of years ago and they pretty much wanted our first born grandchild to give us any decent policy at all. 😦

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