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Revisiting Old Styles

12-31-14 005

Whilst suffering from a case of the piles

I came across a chap named Giles.

“If you’re feeling no pain

Might as well do it again”

He said, of revisiting old styles.

I just drew something I hadn’t done in a long time.  An older ink with colored pencil on brown paper with plenty of cheesie white grease pencil to over-due highlights.  Thank god I’m way beyond that.  Doing less and less figurative work, leaning more to abstract stuff.  In college, I thought that anyone doing abstract work couldn’t draw.  Until…I learned how to draw and then chucked it all to go pure abstract works.

Funny how things change; even people.  They’re harder to change than inanimate objects, because change involves a bit of discomfort, and most folks want to avoid discomfort at all cost and stay comfortable by doing the same old thing (assuming that it’s workin’ for them).  The problem is, while trying to avoid discomfort, your tolerance for it lessens more and more, to the point where getting out of that recliner to go to the bathroom becomes a huge ordeal.  So you end up gritting your teeth and vow to never drink water again.

If there’s a lot of discomfort in your life, you will eventually change, if for no other reason than to get rid of the pain.  Be it a job, relationship or personal endeavor.  Most of my discomfort manifests itself as a dissatisfaction with what’s going on.  And there’s a lot to be dissatisfied with these days.

12-31-14 004b


Comments on: "Revisiting Old Styles" (6)

  1. I like the figure of the woman here. But I’m partial since I do a lot of it myself. I used to think abstract artists couldn’t draw either. Some of them can’t, some are quite skilled. It certainly took me some time to appreciate abstract work. Mark Rothko’s work is deeply intense. Never thought colors could bring on such emotion but he was masterful in evoking that.

  2. Given “old styles”, I was expecting Hot Dog Man. 😉

  3. I keep all my change in a big jar.

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