mind expanding nonsense


12-26-14 010

One of the coolest things about writing udder nonsense and making up words as you go is condescendifickle*.  “Oh Hansi”, you are probably thinking, “That’s nothing more than a bunch of  giffsnatchelschiest.  Go ga-findel yourself.”  Well I’ll be dipped in lepenzalpoo if I didn’t laugh my gesnarffulstump off when I came up with that one.  Almost paddidledripped in my pants.

*Condescendifickle:  A secret word that only you know the meaning off, which can be used as camouflage (an actual real word) to conceal its true meaning. So when I say to someone, “Go stiffelhump** yourself.”  Huell have to draw upon  your own imagination for a meaning.

**Stiffelhump:  A secret word of mine which I’m not gonna tell ya the meaning off cause it’s secret.  But so as to not offend anybody, let alone stir their evil minds, I will say that it has nothing to do with preforming a vulgar act upon one’s self.

12-26-14 009



Comments on: "Wavel-furds" (6)

  1. Gafoffashoot. Adda prosisy. Nannacopoopis.

  2. changed your meds again?

  3. No….just the same old stuff, but a little bit more.

  4. It means stiff hump.

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