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Don’t know where I came up with that one.   Maybe it was going to the funeral of a college classmate’s father.  He was 87 (the father not the classmate).  The trippy part was the memorial service which was held in a Lutheran church located in the mostly retirement community of Sunland California. [ I love how a lot of retirement communities have Sun in their name, like Sun City Arizona, implying that it’s always warm there which makes your arthritis feel better.  If I ever go to one, I’d pick Leisure Village.  There ya don’t have to do jack shit if ya don’t wanna.]

This Lutheran church blew my mind.  I was raised in the Lutheran church (aka Catholicism lite) as  a kid singing in the junior choir, going to Sunday School and confirmation classes, followed by a Lutheran High School, chased (but not chaste) by four years at a Lutheran college.  With all that Lutheranism, you think I’d end up pope or something.  But no, I back-slid while away at Lutheran College, and haven’t been back since.  I figured that being born once was quite enough, and spiritually have come to lean more towards Buddhism than anything else.

Anyway, while enjoying all this mind-blowing deja-vu, I looked around and found that everybody there attending was in their 80’s.  My gawd I thought (maybe because I was in Gawd’s House) that could be me in twenty years – if I’m lucky.  Certainly a bigger dose mortality awareness than what I was ready for.

That’s when I had my big flash that death leaves everybody in the dust.  Kind of a double entendre with the dust to dust thing, but meaning more like being left behind in a race when you decide to stop running and everyone leaves you in the dust.  The dirt nap.  You’re left behind and do nothing new anymore, just the same ol’ thing…napping in the dirt.

A lot of rock musicians have died young.  I listen to a lot of them: Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Stevie Ray Vaughan etc.  Sometimes I wonder, “what would they be doing now?”  What would Hendrix sound like in 2014?  More blues, or into jazz?  Who knows.  They are no longer participating in a meaningful way.  They’ve been left in the dust.

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Comments on: "Death Leaves Everybody In The Dust" (17)

  1. “Sometimes I wonder, “what would they be doing now?” What would Hendrix sound like in 2014?”

    Likely doing commercials for adult diapers and senior financial plans to sustain a flow of revenue. 🙂

  2. December is a suck month for me…..both parents died in the month, I was a POW and I was injuried to the point of forced retirement and then there are a few other events that just makes December sucky…..

    Personal opinion…..Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin would not have been good old people…..they were destined to flame out early….

    Have a good New Year…..chuq

  3. I live in huge 55+ condo community in Aventura, Florida which is in the very NE corner of Miami Dade country. This area is so densely populated that it has its own congressional district-the smallest district in Florida. At 65 I must be the youngest here. It is a trip when at 65 the people are so old they call me “sonny boy”. Naturally two hospitals and must be several hundred doctor’ s offices within a 5 mile radius.

  4. I think I’d like sunny somewhere in the name of a retirement community if I went to one. Just would make me feel good about dying. ‘Course, I’d bring in some sunshine myself with a bit of wit. I mean, may as well live with a sunny disposition.

  5. I never knew that Sunland was a retirement community. Maybe because it’s located right next to Tujunga, which definitely is not. Or at least wasn’t when I lived in the vicinity. Which was, admittedly, quite a while ago.

  6. I try not to think about it…and just move forward

  7. What? No Rock N Roll Heaven??

    I always hated that song–this one says it better:

  8. I like that way of describing death, left in the dust, sleeping.

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