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Getting A Grip On Christmas

12-16-14 002

I don’t know about you,  but if I never celebrate Christmas again it’ll be fine with me.  Christmas, or the Christ Mass, was once outlawed in some early Puritan colonies.  If caught enjoying a little too much Yule Tide revelry, one could get fined.  That would’ve been fine with me too. [Funny how even back then, local governments found a way of taxing the hell out of all the vices people were indulging in, while maintaining an attitude of superiority.  Kinda like legalized marijuana today: “Oh how evil, but…we can make a shit-load of money off of it.”]  Talk about Christmas becoming expensive.

Actually, I like some of the non-christian winter solstice aspects of the season.  Everything about Christmas reeks of paganism, and rightly so.  I can tell that things are changing, and that’s it’s no-longer summer, even here in southern California.  Leaves are falling off trees, the days are getting shorter, and the sun, which we depend upon to power our solar panels, is getting lower and lower on the horizon.  Almost looks like it could fall over the edge of the world.  If that were to happen it would be the end!  Can’t let that happen.  Better sacrifice a few virgins.  Fortunately that never happens, and the sun comes back bringing with it life and re-birth.  (Must be those annual virgin sacrifices.)

I heard this segment on NPR about a businessman who got on a three hour flight, and much to the consternation of the passenger sitting next to him, completed all his Xmas shopping on-line during the flight.  Wow!  Was I impressed.  No stores (of the ‘brick and mortar’ type), no parking lots full of fools who can’t drive, no fighting over sale-priced items, and no lines at cash registers.  Just find what ya want, being ever vigilant to read all the reviews regarding the item, click purchase and it’s in the mail to ya the next day.  Often times cheaper than what you’d pay in the stores.

How cool…I did that too.  Got a list from The Wife, and within an hour, was able to buy everything online while sitting on my ass.  I did have to go to a local sporting goods store for my daughter and her husband.  A box of 9mm shells for her and boxes of shotgun shells for the son-in-law.  They’re into guns and duck hunting (a real liberal’s nightmare), but I can handle that because I’m a liberal sort of guy.  After all, I like to fish, so I can understand the hunting thing.  Instead of pulling slimy creatures out of water with hooks, they like to blast birds out of the air with buck-shot.

Have a nice Christmas everybody.

12-16-14 004


Comments on: "Getting A Grip On Christmas" (5)

  1. Kids and grandkids “got a grip” on my wallet. Again. Oh, well. It’s OK.

  2. mmmm duck mmmmm crispy with plum sauce mmmmmm

  3. I’ve got the feeling you will enjoy the day with the grandkids … Cheers of the season to you!

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