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banff 005

I was gonna call this one Schwing-divels (more Germanic), but thought I should tone it down a bit.  Don’t want to be too suggestive, tasteless, vulgar, or in anyway offensive, as it might turn your stomach to the point of puking.  Then you’d run the risk of stepping in it.

Nope.  I’m cleanin’ up my act.  No more foul mouthed bathroom humor loaded with innuendo from yours truly.  Just good wholesome divel-swinging.  Which can be quite satisfying.  Ya just don’t want to do it in public…might get arrested.

12-3-14 002


Comments on: "Swing-divels" (4)

  1. Am I supposed to ask what the hell is happening in that second drawing? Feels like I’ve stepped into Tim Leary’s mind 🙂

  2. whistling past the grave yard…

  3. Tim, Cheech and Chong spent a lot of time together with me. Even too when we were not together.

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