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Hey.  In case ya haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted anything new in quite a while.  That’s because: 1)  I’ve been a lazy turd, and 2)  I’ve been on vacation.  Going on vacation when you’re retired is kinda like one of them oxymorons; retirement is a permanent vacation, so it’s like taking a vacation from being on vacation.

Anyway, The Wife and I took a drive up US 395 to Bishop California, past Mammoth and Mono Lake up to Carson City Nevada to visit her sister (and play penny slot machines which really cost 30 cents a shot – I won $30!!!).  We then drove up 395 through central Oregon, ending up in Olympia Washington, to visit even more family.

What was amazing is my blog stats didn’t really suffer during my absence.  In fact, on July 29th, the day we left, I had the most visits or ‘clicks’ than I’ve had in a long long time.  Go figure.

The only thing I could come up with is: Less is More.  An Orwellian truism which I immediately interpreted as:  If I get more visitors by not blogging, than by blogging, I should stop blogging altogether and watch my stats soar.

And speaking of oxymorons,  it appears that there’s a lot of morons out there that are filthy perverts,  Googling all kinds of nasty perverted shit that Google sees fit to link to my blog.  How can that be?  Oh well, ya don’t mess with success.

7-6-14 016




Comments on: "Vacation" (6)

  1. Is that guy taking a dump? That is one of the pleasures of the day…..when the planets are in the best orbit…….

  2. Welcome back! Hope you are now well rested and ready to dish up some unvarnished Hansi.

  3. I’m resting up from the vacation. Traveling takes a lot outta ya.

  4. hahaha linking to perverts – I must give that a try 😀

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