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Another Sofa Sojourn*

7-6-14 016

What’s so cool about retirement is: ya get to do whatever ya want.  You don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time, nor do anything ya don’t want to.  If you just wanna lay around all day and not do jack shit…well you can!  Of course The Wife is likely to jump in your shit should you choose to never get of your sofa.  Then there’s doctors appointments.  Gotta be on time for them.  [Seeing the doctor is enough to ruin your whole day].

I however, choose not to lay around the house all day.  Not because I fear spousal shit-jumping so much, as it’s just unhealthy. Plus, there’s lots of  fun things to do, like going to the Gym, puttering in the garden and riding my bicycle to the record store.  All that stuff never gets old, so I can do it everyday if I want.  But getting in all three of these activities everyday can become a little compulsive, if ya know what I mean.  So instead of Gym, gardening and record store,  I break it up a little bit and sometimes do gardening, then Gym, followed by record store.

The day is never complete without at least two hours of listening to records or CDs laying on the sofa with the earphones on not doing jack shit.  Doing that ensures I listen to least three full albums daily.  One must keep up with their music appreciation; it keeps ya young.

7-6-14 006

* I enjoyed laying on my living-room sofa so much, just letting my thoughts wonder wander, while trying to write ’em down as fast as possible, that I thought I’d do it again.  Not that it’s any different from the usual  blitherings I crank out here, it’s just a reflection of where I’m at at a certain time.  Just as the Children of Israel sojourned in the land of Egypt, and then in the Wilderness for forty years chasing clouds and pillars of fire, I too have been sojourning (but not in a biblical sense), on my sofa.

The only problem is: I forget more than half of the my funniest stuff .  Maybe it’s because I’m too busy laughing  at my own cleverness, that I get wrapped up in the giggles, and forget what was so damned funny in the first place.  I guess short term memory loss is the price one has to pay for coming up with so many creative ideas.


Comments on: "Another Sofa Sojourn*" (3)

  1. ” I enjoyed laying on my living-room sofa so much, …”

    Be sure and rotate the cushions periodically so your butt imprint doesn’t get so deep you get stuck in it. 🙂

  2. That’s a good idea, and reminds me. I gotta get the tires rotated.

  3. Retirement sounds good. I’m too manic to retire. Besides which, Husb has claimed the sofa as his own.

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