mind expanding nonsense


dingles 004



Makes ya wanna churn-out.

Nonsense without a doubt.

Once I was a Boy Scout.

Don’t know what that’s all about.

Okay.  Not exactly a haiku.  Not only do I enjoy nonsense words like dingles and fingles, and fear in my old age a bad case of the shingles, I like to rhyme words (to death), and see what I come up with.  And what better way to use rhymes (I hate rap music) than with limericks of questionable taste (dirty).  Nothing filthy, maybe naughty, and leaves you with an image indelibly etched into your mind.

Well, I had such a success with my 2 prior posts wherein I supplied in advance, the answers to your questions or statements. [Got two comments]  I thought why not beat a dead horse into the ground and do something similar with limericks?  That way, I can supply the rhyming endings, and (here’s the cool part) you can provide all the filth, slim and grossly inappropriate stuff ya want.  I’m just harmlessly doing some rhyming; like my timing?

So…..her’s two limericks using my real name: Hans.  But with two different pronunciations.  The first one uses the German pronunciation (sounds like honz).  The second is with a Scandinavian pronunciation (sounds like dance).  See, I’m half German and 1/2 Norwegian.  Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m Hans or Hans.

So here we go:

***** **** *** * ******* named Hans

*** **** ******** *** schwance

******** * ***** shy

*** *** his fly

*** ******* ******* *** nonchalance.


****** **** *** * ****** named Hans

***  ****** **** *** **** ***** his pants

** ***** ***** why

** ** *** ** *** sly

****** ** *** **** ****** *** romance.

Wow.  I can hear it now, and my ears are bleeding.  Not only do some of you have quite the Potty Mouth, but a disturbing imagination.

I love it!

Comments on: "Burn-out" (3)

  1. You asked for it!!

    German version

    There once was a young man named Hans
    Who was born without a schwance
    This made him very shy
    And afraid to unzip his fly
    So he peed sitting down with great nonchalance

    Norwegian version

    There once was a young man named Hans
    Whose hand was always in this pants
    When people asked him why
    He’d say with a grin so sly
    This is my version of romance

    I tried, I really tried to come up with something innocent.

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