mind expanding nonsense

6-6-14 001

Hey…Having a conversation with you wherein I provided my responses in advance was so much fun, I wanna do it again.  All fun stuff makes ya wanna do it again, and sometimes, again, and again and again.  But that often times becomes too much, and ya end up never wanting to ever do it again…until the next time.

Thank god I’m no there yet.  I’m still enjoying all the questions I fantasied that you asked me.  Somehow, I think a lot of them were the same: “What the fuck?”  And that’s a good question in itself.  They do say that communication between two people is a form of verbal intercourse.  Here’s some more responses that I hope won’t screw with your mind too much.

Q:  (your turn)

A:  “No shit?  I didn’t know that.  I’ll be a horse’s ass if that’s true.”


A:  “Exactly!  That reminds me of a similar experience I had as a kid when I was eighteen.  Sure glad that one didn’t come around and bite me in the ass.”


A:  “I know what ya mean. ‘Been there, done that”.  Kinda scary…but kinda fun…if ya don’t get caught”


A:  What?  Are you out of your frickin’ mind?


A:  “Yea, it was good for me too.”


6-6-14 002


Artwork by Logan.  Age 5.


Comments on: "Another Conversation With Hansi" (6)

  1. “Wednesdays, but only after 3pm” seems to work for each one.

  2. witnessing dementia in it’s early stages….*grin*

  3. Pretty cool to watch someone else go crazy, dontcha think.

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