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euphoria 001

I sure wish there was a city or town named Euphoria.  If there was, I’d pack my bags and move there in a heart-beat.  I’m gonna get there one day (just gotta find out where it is), and start enjoying all that exhilarating joy and contentment, letting well-being and love radiate from within me, outwardly, bombarding everyone with lethal doses of happiness.  Wow!

Well, back to reality.  I had this big revelation – not like in the Book of Revelation, which is scarier than shit what with all its seals, trumpets and guys on horses unleashing torment and destruction upon unrepentant sinners by a loving God.  Thank you Jesus, for saving me from all that wrath.  Phew….I’m safe.  But not so all them evil doers who deserve everything they get for persecuting us righteous.

And speaking of righteousness, I’m heading back to Euphoria City limits.  There’s nothing like feeling euphoric.  I’m not just saying that; it’s true!  That’s cause euphoria is the number one in feelings: the ultimate experience.  Pretty good if can get there.

Euphoria is looked down upon by some people.  A weird concept which assumes one can get higher than euphoric, and then look down on it.  Unless of course you are self righteous.  But that’s just a counterfeit version of euphoria.  Close, but no cigar.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get a little self righteous at times.  Thinking my views are superior to others, and have no tolerance for those who do not share my liberal views on a variety of subjects (unenlightened fuckers).  And when it comes to life styles, mine is the best.  It’s worked for me, it’ll work for you.  Hey, I have all the answers; if only people would listen.

Pretty far-out to think that way.  Doesn’t give ya much wiggle-room in life.  But then again, if ya wiggle your room too much, you risk going over the edge and falling into the great abyss.

Well, once again my imagination was bigger than my ancient bladder, and I gotta take a leak.  A misnomer, cause most of the time you’re leaving a leak rather than taking one.  I think I’ll go outside and look at my garden, and maybe even pee on my lemon tree.  I’m convinced that’s what makes my lemons yellow.

euphoria 005


Comments on: "Euphoria" (8)

  1. When you find it, send me the coordinates.

  2. “You can’t trust your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” –Mark Twain

  3. I lived in Euphoria coupla decades. Now I live in Mundane. I like it better.

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