mind expanding nonsense

dingles 003

I love nonsense words.  This blog is dedicated to (udder) nonsense, and features it prominently.  Sometimes I like to insert nonsense words into my posts.  Shazam.

I have no idea what a Fingle House is, but know for sure that I don’t wanna be dingled in one.  Especially if it’s my Fingle house wherein lays a multitude of dingles.  Berry funny you might say.  Guess we both got dingled; I was hopin’ to get fingled too.

The above drawing has nothing to do with dingling or fingling, but maybe a little schwingling.  It was more a drawing challenge for me.  Not like one of them do the same thing for thirty days Blog-O-Spear challenges that are geared to get ya motivated to produce more work, but in reality only lead to burn-out.  If I wanted to get burned-out, I wouldn’t want to expend thirty days worth of energy to get there.

See, I had this long narrow piece of paper which I accidentally pulled out with the good stuff, which The Wife finds in the better dumpsters.  And I said, “What the hay (or is it hey?), I’m gonna draw something long and narrow.  So I drew a quickie reclining nude.  Good thing I didn’t turn the paper vertically and draw something upright.  Who knows what I might of come up with?

How’s that for a dingle in a fingle house?


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