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So Far, So Good

2-10-13 002

Well….the ongoing experiment of looking at everything I do as an experiment is working out well.  Not blogging for a while was refreshing.  Being able to see what’s happening to me, how I relate to it, and the feelings it generates, both physically and emotionally, has enabled me to make logical behavioral choices which promote well-being.  I strongly believe that one can enhance one’s own sense of well-being.  Not necessarily by the use of alcohol or drugs (although a good strong bong hit sure helps once in a while), but rather with a positive attitude and loving-kindness.

Buddhist loving-kindness meditation is a trip.  Not only does one generate and wish loving-kindness towards themselves (got to love yourself before ya can love others), but outwardly to all beings: family, friends, neighbors, difficult people, people in your city, country and the whole world.  You can also wish well-being and loving-kindness to everything that flies in the sky (military drones excepted, unless you wish they were dropping love-bombs on all our enemies), crawls on the ground, or swims in the sea.  All ya gotta do is repeat a silent mental mantra: May so and so be filled with loving-kindness, may they be well, may they be happy etc.

What’s weird is: when you’re busy wishing everyone you come in contact with peace, happiness and well-being, ya (I) don’t get wrapped up in your “Self”.  So, I find myself not as tormented with a lot of thinking, and playing endless loops of my life, likes and dislikes, regrets and all that stuff.  That’s sure a relief.

May you be filled with Loving-kindness

May you be well

May you be peaceful and at ease

May you be happy.

2-25-12 009


Comments on: "So Far, So Good" (16)

  1. Little kindness, be sensitive to and indulgent for the needs, emotions of others good therapy for the self.

  2. always good to step back and examine……keeps one from being psychotic……

  3. The perfect Sunday message.

  4. great post, thanks Hansi

  5. Anatta!

    Metta, bro!

  6. Well, that’s a switch! I could have told you all that, but since you didn’t ask and I don’t offer “life coaching” to folks who don’t request it, I’m glad you discovered it for yourself. It’s just so much easier to coexist with things instead of spending a lot of time and energy detailing everything that’s wrong, and what’s worse, detailing everything that one can’t do anything about.

  7. there is only one rational place to live–right here, right now…all the rest is a waste of time and time is not ours but a gift given every second and something that can be denied in the next second…good place Hansi..

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