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One of the best things about being retired is: you get to play more, and work less.  Right now, I prefer to play all day, and not work at all.  Gardening, growing your own food (and medication), listening to old vinyl records, drawing and blogging are all playing.  And when you are truly playing, everything is an experiment.  Be it growing a certain plant variety from seed, pruning fruit trees or mixing weird concoctions of all the stuff ya grow in yor garden.  Dig this: I just juiced some carrots, beets, parsley and kale I grew in my garden.  Yummy!  I had some snow peas (edible pods), but didn’t throw them into the mix, as I like to eat em right off the bush as a little outdoor snack.

The cool thing about experimenting with stuff (and I’m not talking about torturing small animals, although I might make an exception for all the god-damned neighborhood cats that shit in my garden [can’t really blame em though, maybe my compost-rich soil is like using that nice soft quilted toilet-paper for them]) is:  You never know how it’s gonna turn out.  So you gotta pay attention, and paying attention is hard, cause there’s so much going on to distract ya.  I don’t just do one experiment at a time, I usually have a bunch of em going on all the time; that can get confusing.  So what ya gotta do is take notes.  Mental notes are my favorite kind, but are often the least reliable.  But if ya take good notes, then you can reproduce your experiments, and hopefully get the same desired results.  It’s all a crap-shoot.

So….right now, as evidenced by my journal entries, I’m experimenting with quitting my part-time job and going into full-retirement, which sadly I was only enjoying 95% of the time.  Thing is, I’m not sure I should quit working.  I got a good gig going working for my former employer, it’s just that I’m really starting to hate it.

I’ve cut down to one day a week for four (not 44) hours.  I know, that’s a really killer.  But I’m VERY tired of probation, and don’t want to have anything to do, anymore with dysfunctional people (myself excluded).  We’ll see how that goes.  Not so well so far based on my last time there.  I wanna quit.  More so, I realize I’m finished working in corrections, and now just gotta figure out my exit strategy.  Which is no big deal, seeing that I am an Extra Help employee, having officially retired ten years ago.  Just walking in and saying “Fuck You” has a certain appeal to it, but my supervisor has been good to me with his ‘hands-off’ approach.  I could just fade into the sunset and never show up again.  We’ll see.  After all, Everything Is An Experiment!

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Comments on: "Everything Is An Experiment" (11)

  1. have anything to do, anymore with dysfunctional people

    I hear ya. Feel the same way after 33 years in the classroom. All public service jobs drain so much out out us . We often have little left inside of us for ourselves or family. Things like abilities in patience, empathy, tolerance, joy in engagement have been stolen from us by the job.

    I am soooo thankful I have soc sec and Florida pension. The rest belongs to me now on my terms. Say, is the school term ending? I don’t know. Don’t care. This does not mean, however, that I am not available to perform charitable deeds here and there.

    • Teaching and Probation are much the same, and sometimes serve the same clientele. Both can drain the life outta ya.

  2. I thought of going back working part time. Having some crazy money would be fun. But there is no doubt that more times than not it would come back to bite me in the ass. “Want to go fishing with me next Thursday?” a fishing buddy would ask. “That would be great!” I’d reply just before the fact hit me. “Shit! That’s the day I have to work next week.” As sure as the sun rises in the east, I know that would happen on a regular basis.

    • That sometimes happens to me, but I usually go fishing with a retired teacher friend, who is also milking the system with part-time work. We now stay in motels instead of camping.

  3. “More so, I realize I’m finished working in corrections, and now just gotta figure out my exit strategy.”

    I empathize. When your completely spent in what was your source of income for years you merely go through the motions until you can legitimately retire. As soon as you leave it may be a week, two at the most, that you even think about what occupied a chunk of your time for the last 20, 30 or even 40 years.

    • I rarely think about it except those days I actually go in. Then its, “Oh shit…I gotta take a shower and find some clean clothes.”

  4. Just have someone send a link for this blog to you supervisor. Problem solved.

  5. Exit strategy? Don’t show up!

  6. Yeah, experiment with full time retirement…it works…works better for men than women. Women are still expected to do the laundry and cook and shop for groceries and all that stuff…still I find plenty of free time to do all the things I wanted to do when I worked for time…Do it…you only go around once as they say, make sure you get all the way around!

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