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Sitting On My Butt

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I bet most of you think that all I do all day is sit on my butt and blog my ass off.  Well, that’s partly correct.  All my blogging occurs when I’m sitting on my butt.  But, I don’t do it all day, and never to the point where my ass detaches from my body.  I can just imagine:  my ass in front of me, floating off into cyber-space.  Never happen.  However, metaphorically, my butt-print goes out there with every post I make.   How asinine.

Sitting on your butt can entail (get it?) a lot of things.  But usually has a negative connotation, implying that you ain’t doing jack-shit, are avoiding things or are just too damned lazy to stand up.  It’s my favorite position, and often aided by the use of a recliner.

Sitting on your butt doesn’t mean you’re doing nothing.  Heavens no!  You are rather, doing things that don’t require burning a lot of calories, such as contemplation, day-dreaming, spacing out while listening to music, and oh yeah – enjoying fantasies of all sorts.  Most of the time I’m very busy from the ears up.  It just looks like I’m doing nothing. But I ain’t doing nothing, I’m sitting on my butt.

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Comments on: "Sitting On My Butt" (15)

  1. Forgot who said it, but it went something like: “Man is the only creature who can be highly active whilst sitting still.”

  2. I think Jesus said it 🙂

  3. Other than this time of the year where the wife is cracking the whip while I do yard work, I usually have sitting on my butt down to an art form.

  4. Pardon me while I go sit on the throne and contemplate all of this. 🙂

  5. Thomas Stazyk said:

    I agree. No butts about it.

  6. Heidi Salzmann said:

    Hansi, please e-mail me as soon as possible (will receive over my server). My computer has crashed and I have no list of e-mail adresses, so this is the only way I can contact you. Heidi

  7. yes, men seem to use this excuse a lot to explain why they are sitting on their asses doing NOTHING…we are not fooled…try again.

  8. Today’s society is too busy, so busy in fact that sitting on one’s butt has become a bit of a luxury!

  9. I’m very busy sitting on my butt

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