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4-14 004

Here’s a little secret:  I haven’t blogged for quite a while now.  I’m posting stuff, but they are saved drafts I did during a creative burst (now turned bust).  So what you’ve been seeing lately, is a reflection of where I was at a few months ago.

So…having stopped blogging [but not stopped posting], one afternoon this week (probably next week by the time you see this), I stumbled across my old personal psychedelic journal, which was the precursor for my Hansi’s Hallucinations, and looking through it again at entries I did three years ago, decided: Why not post some of these old entries and comment on them from where I’m at now versus where I was at then.  Then, you could comment on my comments, and if your comments are comment-worthy, I can comment on them.

4-14 005

I really enjoy the journal format.  It’s almost like a comic book with the whole story on one page.  The three featured in this post are pretty much self explanatory and in no further need of comment.

4-14 006


Comments on: "My Psychedelic Journal" (7)

  1. It is could to have a storage of old stuff that new subscribers have not seen. I have a file of over 400 cartoons dating back to 1985 which allows to keep posting during current periods of fewer ideas.

  2. Great stuff, Hans. I did something very similar while travelling in my 20’s. Trippy to look at it years later.

  3. These are great, and today is free comics day apparently, not sure how that works.

  4. You’ve got oodles of ideas jumbled together. A orderly chaos of sorts. Cool sketches, as always.

  5. I like the journal format. Illustrations provide expression and feeling to the words and then the captions punctuate. I will enjoy look at your catalogue. Nice to have archives!

  6. Great stuff, old or new.

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