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Road-Block Ahead

3-28-14 003

Do you ever sit down to write a blog post, and nothing happens?  Well, that rarely happens to me because I have an over-active imagination.  Sometimes my mind strays into some bizarre areas, and I’m more than happy to share them with you.

And speaking of bizarre areas, I got this wild hair up my ass (sure glad it wasn’t a wild hare; having a rabbit up there would be worse than hemorrhoids) and decided to clean and polish all the wood furniture in our living-room: a rocker, piano bench, and most important of all, the oak home entertainment center,  that houses my stereo system, TV and vinyl records, and two huge speaker cabinets.  One thing that’s always been important for me is to have an ass-kicking stereo system.  Ear-buds and tiny speakers with a sub-woofer just don’t cut it.  I want 12 inch speakers blasting out the sound so ya can feel it.  In fact, the first major purchase I made after graduating from college in 1969 was a Pioneer tuner-amp, Garrard turntable and my 12 inch speakers.

Anyway, I cleaned all that crap and decided “Hey, I’m gonna spiff-up the old turntable”.   The Windex I was using to clean the glass did a good job, and was handy, might as well use it to get rid of all them greasy peanut butter laden fingerprints.  Looked good.  But when it came time to kick-back and enjoy the fruits of my labor in the form of a stack of albums, my turn-table didn’t work.

Shit!   It would only work on 45 rpm, not 33 1/3!  I figured that some of the ammonia based Windex solution seeped down into the electronics and was shorting something out.  I hate it when that happens.  I tried everything, even started to take it apart for a closer look.  But in the end, patience (along with evaporation) worked.  There’s one truism to any do it yourself job:  If you fuck it up, while trying to fix something, walk away.  It will heal itself.

Sure enough it worked.  I was so happy, that the first thing I did was put on Dire Straits and sat down to write all about it.



Comments on: "Road-Block Ahead" (4)

  1. I like this philosophy.

  2. Next to giving whatever is not working a good kick, your idea is my favorite.

  3. And you couldn’t have done all that polishing with a wild hare all up in your fanny and whatnot. That would be a hairy mess.

  4. A wild hare up the fanny? OUCH! That’s a pretty nasty image in British English lol 😀

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