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Drawing Less

January 9 2014 002

I’m drawing less and enjoying it more.  Thankfully, I’m not drawing-less, cause I wouldn’t enjoy having all my sketchbooks stolen.  Not stolen in the sense of having your work ripped-off, or copied with out your permission, let alone not seeing any of the proceeds from its commercialization, but just gone…up and vanished.

Seems like there’s a lot of that going on these days in the entertainment industry.  Sometimes I wonder if there’s been a new, original thought since the beginning of the millennium. [Not to be confused with the Biblical thousand year reign of Jesus (grown to have become quite an ass-kicker by His return).  We sure ain’t near that yet.  The Lion is still gobbling up the lamb, instead of laying down peacefully next to it].

January 9 2014 003bOne’s short-term memory loss would really be challenged, if all of a sudden everything you’ve ever made just disappeared, vanished.  That would sure be a lot of letting go all of a sudden.  That’s why I’m drawing less these days; being very economical with line, and frugal with detail.   Saving on color, and investing in simplicity.


Comments on: "Drawing Less" (8)

  1. I think someone like Tim Burton should be ashamed of himself. Here was a guy, a talented freak with some original ideas and ways of presenting those ideas, who opted to be lazy and just re-do classics that should never have been touched. After his early success the studios were in his hands, the gift of gifts, and he could do anything, produce whatever bizarre, off-the-wall, original story he wanted, yet didn’t. Waste.

  2. There’s no shortage on lead. If you don’t use it, I will. 🙂

  3. Top drawing is really cool. Love the “minimalist” quality to it.

  4. Art-driven mindfulness. I think you are definitely an original, Hansi, with no shortage of fresh ideas!

  5. The cartoon ideas have been coming slower these days so drawing less too. I have been building WW I model airplanes again. I like painting them up with all the colorful variations.

    • You’ve been cartooning for a number of years. Building models sounds really cool, and a true flash-back to my childhood. Got to re-live that childhood!

  6. While your investments will surely pay off, sorry to hear about you vanishing sketchbooks!

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